Innotab 2 Pink

The Vtech Innotab 2 is the next generation release of the hugely successfull Innotab, and is destined to be an equally big hit with, and at the top of many Christmas lists this year.

Vtech Innotab 2 Pink kids tablet - Cheapest prices - Compare prices for Innotab 2 PinkThe Innotab 2 is a multi-functional educational touch screen tablet for children, featured packed including a rotating camera and microphone. The Innotab 2 can be connected to a computer to download further games and learning apps to keep the children entertained for hours, there is also a SD card slot which enables you to further enhance the enjoyment of the Innotab 2.

The built in rotating camera on the Innotab 2 allows for lots creative fun as you little one can take photos of themselves  as well as friends and family, and also with the built in microphone make their own movies and watch them on the go.